Munich city break 

I’m currently sitting on a Thameslink on my way back home from Gatwick Airport after a lovely week away in Augsburg/Munich, Bavaria. 

I had many reasons for taking this trip; I wanted a break from uni during reading week, a chance to brush up on my German skills and meet up with friends, exploring what will soon be by local area and of course seeing my lovely partner again! 

I just wanted to share with you some of the sights I managed to see during a brief overnight stay in Munich. 

We stayed in Hotel Stachus, which is just a stone’s throw away from the central train station. We have stayed here before and it is always great value for money, especially considering the location! From the hotel it is only a 10 minute walk to Marienplatz, where the incredible Rathaus (town hall) is. This is providing that you don’t get distracted on the way by the endless shops, cafes and restaurants in Munich’s Altstadt (old town) district. 

One cafe which we did stop in is actually a favourite of ours due to the delicious cakes. Germany are renowned for their bakeries and Cafe Rischart does not disappoint. Being so close to Austria as well it is definitely worth indulging in the cafe culture once in a while. This time I went for the classic Apfelstrudel but I can also highly recommend the Kirschroyale which I have had previously!

The whole atmosphere of the Altstadt district is generally exciting. In some ways I can compare it to London because of the fact there is always something going on. I am used to city living to some extent, but big cities like this always have their own vibe. Munich is unique in having such traditional Bavarian culture mixed in with elements of so many others (Turkish being one predominant aspect). Yesterday evening we enjoyed Turkish bourek in our hotel room purchased from one of many Dönerläden in Munich (Germany in general). 

All in all, if anyone is planning to visit Germany or interrail through Europe, make sure that Munich is in your list! It is home to Oktoberfest, BMW Welt (which I saw last year and is also with a visit) Bayern Munich and many more staples of the German culture.


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