Boston Tea Party review!

In search of a way to spend a cold and drizzly afternoon, a friend and I decided to check out a cute cafe/restaurant we’d been meaning to visit for a while. 

As a student (or probably any human being ever) in Birmingham, going out on a Saturday afternoon can be tough, as the city is so busy and also can be pretty pricey too. Somehow, for less than £9 each, my friend and I both managed to get a delicious and healthy light lunch as well as a warming pot of earl grey and a break from the crowded city centre. 100% would recommend Boston Tea Party to anyone visiting or living in Birmingham.

We both decided on having a variation on pumpernickel bread; I chose the smoked salmon, cream cheese and watercress and Soraya went for avocado, hummus and poached egg. Both were presented beautifully and tasted fantastic. On top of this, the service was friendly and efficient and the atmosphere was great. I’ll insert some pictures of our food below.

I adore rye bread, as it really takes me back to when I used to live in Germany, where such sorts of bread are extremely popular. I love when food has a nostalgic feel to it, it’s almost the best kind of comfort food if you ask me. I know as well for all you avocado fans out there, although I am not one of you, my friend is, and she assured me that it was to die for!

The other thing I really wanted to mention was the decor! It was so rustic and quirky and the whole place had such a cool vibe. One thing which was really cool was the massive tea cups we were given with our earl grey; for me it makes the tea taste even better! As well as this, the cutlery was served up in retro-looking cans which had been done up to suit the edgy atmosphere they had going on. Please check this place out if there’s one near you or if you’re ever in Birmingham!


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