I’m in a good mood. I’ve just finished my last exam and I’ve gone home to see my family for the weekend before the new term starts on Monday. 

I thought I’d just share a super quick outfit of the day with you because I haven’t done a post like this in a while and hey, I guess I’m feeling positive today! 

The details:

Cardigan: H&M

I recently snatched this up in the H&M sale for just £7 and I love it! It’s so comfy and versatile and the extra layering helps so much with the cold weather we’ve been having here recently. 

Skirt: H&M

This is an old (and well-travelled) favourite of mine. I actually bought it back in 2015 while I was living in Germany and it’s so cute! You can’t really tell from the photo but it’s button up and patterned with tiny white daisies. It’s more of a summer piece technically speaking but I like to play around with things.

T-shirt: New Look

It’s a no frills black long-sleeved top, but it’s simple, versatile and very warm and it’s what I chose to pair with the skirt.

Tights: Primark


Belt: Missguided

I feel like double-buckled belts are so in at the moment so I had to bag myself one from Missguided just before Christmas! It’s an interesting twist on what we’re used to and the silver gilding has a sort of retro vibe. It looks good with any high waisted skirts/trousers.

Boots: New Look 

I  don’t know if you guys will remember but I featured these in my last post and I’ve literally been living in them ever since I bought them. I feel like they actually go with almost everything?? 

Thanks for reading guys and have a lovely weekend! ❤️


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