Monthly favourites/haul: what I’ve been loving recently 

Following on from Christmas, my birthday and, of course, the January sales, I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on quite a few new items which I’d like to share with you guys. I guess that it would be a cross between a favourites and a haul.

I personally always find these types of posts really interesting, as i truly value people’s opinions and recommendations. I will be sharing some of my favourite items in the categories beauty, fashion, tv, music and more… I hope you take some inspiration from it!

Beauty favourites 

1. Kiko Milano: Ultimate Pen longwear eyeliner 

Ever since the new Kiko store opened up in the Bullring I’ve been really wanting to try out some of their products. I finally bit the bullet and went in a few weeks ago and I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only are the prices extremely reasonable, I’m also super impressed by the quality of the products. This eyeliner is so easy to apply and in my opinion, looks incredible. I love my eyeliner to be as dark as possible and also not too thick. For me, this product allows both. 

I’m definitely no make up expert, but I was more than happy with the results:

2. A’kin pure radiance rosehip oil

I, like many others, suffer from extremely sensitive and also quite dry skin. I’ve come to a point in life where I’d really like to invest in some high quality products and look after my skin. They do say prevention is better than cure! This rosehip oil is completely cruelty free and honestly gives the skin such a lovely glow and soft feel. Apply sparingly after cleansing and before moisturising.

3. Michael Kors Wonderlust

The last item in the beauty section is this amazing smelling fragrance from Michael Kors. I received this as a birthday gift after lusting after it for the last few months and it honestly smells so fresh and vibrant and lasts all day long. It is pricey, but if anyone is need of a new frangrance and doesn’t mind investsting a little bit extra, treat yourself!


1. Mango white faux leather backpack 

I have been after a bag like this foreveeeer and finally I managed to get my hands on one in the Mango sale for just £20! I love the practical style, it’s not big and bulky but it manages to fit the essentials in for a day out. The fastening is nice and secure meaning that I don’t have to worry about things going missing while I’m out. On top of that, the off white/cream colour is really classy and manages to dress up any outfit; it’just super cute! 

2. New Look black ankle boots 

These were another gift (actually chosen by my boyfriend- wooo!) and I love them so much! I’ve always been a fan of ankle boots, and the gold zips paired with the slight heel just makes them look extra smart. I also love the leather-look/suede combination. I secretly feel very sophisticated whilst wearing these! 

These look best with either skinny jeans and a long coat for a chic daytime look, or a skater dress and chunky knit tights for a cute date night outfit.


1. Breaking Bad

Ok so I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I just finished binge watching Breaking Bad and my goodness it was incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a series as quickly as this before but not I’m left with the issue of finding something new to fill the void with. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! And if anyone hasn’t watched it, please do! And stick with it too, it’s worthwhile! 

2. Starboy- The Weeknd 

I’ve been a fan for a while and The Weeknd never fails to impress me! This album is perfect in so many ways and really sets the chilled out atmosphere which has been essential for the last few weeks of intense revision in preparation for uni exams. Keep doing what you’re doing, Abel!


1. Elpine 0.8L rice cooker 

I’ve been interested in this product for a few months now and when my dad asked me about what I wanted for Christmas I mentioned it. I know a few friends who have them and swear by them, and as a keen cook and lover of curry, I sensed that a rice cooker would be incredibly useful. I was right. I’m honestly so in love with it. It is so easy to use and cooks the rice to perfection. Obviously other brands and sizes are available, but for my own personal use (1 cup at a time), 0.8L is the perfect size. In fact, I also used it at my birthday party which was a kind of Indian-themed dinner party to cook 6 cups and it came through like a trooper. This product will hands down not disappoint! 

Thanks for taking the time to read guys and let me know what you’ve been loving lately in the comments so I can try it out. 


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