2017 Resolutions 

January is not everyone’s favourite month due to the dismal cold weather, the sinking reality of going back to work/uni after the holidays and, of course, the strain on your bank account after both Christmas and New Years.

I, however, happen to rather enjoy January. I did just turn 21 so that’s one exciting part of it, but I also just love the sense of new beginnings. I know it’s cliche to think of the whole “new year, new me” thing, but I always feel ready to refresh myself at the start of the year and also just motivated to achieve more.

So, with the beginning of a new year I’d just like to share my New Years resolutions with you all and hopefully by the end of 2017 I will have succeeded! 

1. Blog more! 

I’m relatively new to WordPress. I’ve had my blog for a few months now and I really really enjoy sharing my ideas and reading what other people have to say as well. For this reason I’d love to grow and develop my blog even more this year and hopefully up my posting content.

2. Read more books 

I used to be such an avid reader, but being at uni has really made it hard for me to find the time to curl up with a good book. At school I was really keen on English Literature and I would really like to get back into reading again. I’ve recently purchased some books including 1984 and Girl on the Train and I’m hoping to get through them and maybe even share a book review or two on the blog!

3. Travel 

I’ve never been one to shy away from travelling; in the last few years I’ve been back and forth to Germany multiple times (including spending a year abroad there when I was 18). This year is set to be really exciting, as I am going back there and have secured a marketing internship with a really great company in Munich. I’m so excited and can’t wait for the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture again. Hopefully I’ll also get to see more of Europe this time, with trips to Amsterdam and Salzburg potentially on the horizon.

4. Build on my savings 

Lastly, I really want to use this opportunity to save more money. Uni is coming to an end and something I really want to do when I’m back from Germany is pass my driving test and reach that milestone. There’s so much coming up which I really want to be prepared for and saving as much money as I can is the best place to start! 

I just wanted to take the time to wish my followers a Happy New Year and also the best of luck in 2017! Feel free to share your resolutions/goals for this year in the comments. 


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