LFW SS 2017- Topshop Unique Best Bits

As much as I love fashion and clothes I have never been a dedicated follower of so-called ‘high fashion’. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate the work of many designers and I wouldn’t say no to a Burberry coat or a Vera Wang dress… It’s just when I watch the shows I often find that the styles and outfits are too difficult to translate into everyday life; especially when you’re lacking in the money department!

So that is what brings me to Topshop Unique. Topshop is probably one of the most famous (if not the most famous) high street brands in the UK and although their high fashion line still can’t be described as affordable, it is full of pieces which can be easily replicated and reinvented for a much lower price; providing the perfect inspiration for fashion enthusiasts like myself who are on a budget!

Here are some of my favourite looks from yesterday’s show which took place at the Old Spitalfields Markets with the theme 80’s meets 50’s.

  1. Vaughn jacket


Zebra print was a recurring theme on the Topshop Unique catwalk yesterday; the bold pattern providing us with a vivid snapshot of 80’s style. I really love the way that this statement jacket brings so much life to an otherwise simple and straightforward outfit. Something like this would be the perfect way to revamp any workwear wardrobe this winter.


  1. Danvers shirt


This soft pink shade has recently become one of my favourite colours to wear, as I love the way it seems to compliment every skin tone. The combination of baby pink and white  here creates a beautifully feminine look; however, the large pockets, strappy sleeves and oversized cut ensures that the edginess is not altogether lost from the outfit. She looks cool!


  1. Farley waistcoat dress


This dress manages to simultaneously take me back in time and somehow also provide me with something fresh and new. As the theme of the show alludes to, the halter neckline is reminiscent of 50’s style dresses, but the short hemline and slit in the skirt collides it with a more daring 80’s vibe. Love it.


  1. Wallace slip dress


Here is yet another example of zebra print occurring in the Topshop show. In this case I love the layering of this soft, pastel coloured slip dress over the bold monochrome print; it is again showing the combination of a typically feminine look with something much more quirky and edgy. This is a style idea which I’d really like to try and recreate in the coming months.


  1. Highsmith jacket


The last piece which grabbed me was this seriously cool black leather jacket. I’ve mentioned before how I greatly appreciate a good coat and how it can add to an outfit and this one does just that. Throwing this on over a dress really adds an 80’s rock chick vibe and gives the look a whole new meaning, especially with its unique fur trim.


All images were taken from http://www.topshop.com


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